Free Team Challenge Tournaments are Fun!

Enjoy watching your students pull together as a team and quickly learn huge amounts of new vocabulary. Team Challenge Tournaments are for learners at all levels of ability from ages 8 to 80. Download the app and tap, “I’m a Teacher.”  Create groups and invite players to join. All groups with 8 or more players can join the next Team Challenge Tournament.  Sign up now

The first Team Challenge tournament ended December 19, 2021. The winners were a team of college students from Osaka Japan.  The second Team Challenge ended July 31, 2022 The winners were a team of high school students in Hokkaido.  Watch this space for information about the next Team Challenge.


Players Study at Their Own Level

Words & Monsters is an adaptive smart app – it adjusts to each player’s ability. The game starts with easy words and then steadily adjusts to each player’s actual level. Whether you are a beginner or a native speaker, the game will teach you new words at your level of ability. Words & Monsters is available for Android and iPhones.

Download Android game

Download iPhone game


What Does Words & Monsters Teach?

Words & Monsters teaches each player a personal list of the high-frequency words and phrases they most need to learn in order to improve their communication ability. There are vocabulary courses for: General English, College Entrance Exams, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, EIKEN, GTEC, SAT and GRE. The special purpose courses teach the high-frequency words that are specific to each domain. Players must first study the General English course for about one hour before they can unlock the special purpose courses. Learn more…


Fair Competition

Practical experience and controlled study data indicate that students working on teams can increase average outcomes by about 50% compared to students working alone and top teams can more than double their academic outcomes. Advanced learners have no advantage over beginners because the adaptive Words & Monsters game has all students studying words at their own level of ability. All it takes to win is desire and effort! Teams of beginners often win simply because they want it more. The world record holders from Ecuador learned an average 5,439 new words per team member. If you want your team to win, you need to be an effective cheerleader. Use the message system in WAM Admin to send encouraging updates to your team members.


Teachers, Please Try the Game First

Start by downloading the game and playing it yourself. If you like it, tap the “I’m a Teacher” button; make an account, and create one or more groups. Next, use the Invite button to send invitations to students. All groups with 8 or more players will be automatically joined to the next tournament.

Download Android game

Download iPhone game


Ranking Method

The 3 top teams at the end of the five-week tournament period will win. The tournament rankings are based on the average number of correct responses per team member.

A link to the tournament standings will be sent to all WAM games and WAM Admin accounts each Monday morning (JST) during the five-week tournament period.

The tournament rankings are similar but not the same as the regular group rankings that are shown in the game and on the WAM Admin system.  The tournament rankings are based directly on the average number of correct responses per team member during the tournament period.  The regular group rankings are based on how many badges a group has earned.  There will be cases where the 3 winning teams in a tournament will not be the highest ranked teams in the regular group rankings.

On Monday morning (JST) after the final day of the tournament, the top 3 ranked groups will be declared the winners and the ruby crystals and blue diamonds will be sent to the players and admins’ accounts. 



FIRST PLACE team receives a 1st Place NFT trophy to proudly display and all active team members are added to the Words & Monsters Hall of Fame. Winning players also receive 200 ruby crystals in their game and the team leader receives 100 blue diamonds.

SECOND PLACE team receives a 2nd Place NFT trophy and all active players receive 100 ruby crystals in their game and the team leader receives 50 blue diamonds.

THIRD PLACE team receives a 3rd Place NFT trophy and all active players receive 70 ruby crystals in their game and the team leader receives 30 blue diamonds.

Ruby crystals can be used in the game and blue diamonds can be exchanged for Words & Monsters merchandise. WAM Store

Privacy Center

Team Challenge Tournaments are conducted with student and teacher privacy in mind. See details at our Privacy Center 

FREE Team Challenge Tournaments are supported by:

WAM Team Challenge Rules Version 6.4 Oct 14, 2021
These rules are updated from time to time so please check again at the start of your tournament.

If your organization would like to support the Free Team Challenge Tournaments, please contact: wamsupport (at)