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Enter your email during sign up or add it on your settings page later. When you reach Level 5 you automatically become a member. Sorry, no newbies allowed. Members get extra bonuses each week, plus access to all Club Pangea events. Details on the Pangea Portal.


Private Speaking Practice

The natives of Pangea want to hear and understand what you are saying! Let our advanced technology pinpoint your speaking difficulties and our expert counselors help you quickly resolve them. Master the tricky pronunciation issues and you will be speaking like a pro in no time. This service is for Level 20 and up, premium members only. Details on the Pangea Portal.


Writing Practice

Write notes to Princess Evinne. Tell her about yourself and what you like. Send her a drawing or photo. Evinne rewards all letters with ruby crystals for the game. If your letter is chosen for the Pangea Portal, you’ll win extra crystals! Free for all club members Level 10 or higher.



Chillax with other game-loving club members on one of our mini conventions at participating campuses around the world. Dress as your favorite WAM character or come in disguise as a human. MiniCons are temporarily suspended due to travel complications and health concerns.


Adventure Seminars

Enjoy maximum English immersion in fabulous locations with club members, family, and guests. Enjoy talking with the friendly natives, but keep an eye out for those pesky monsters! Level 20 premium members can win scholarships for the Adventure Seminars! Seminars are temporarily suspended due to travel complications and health concerns.


For Teachers

Create teams of students, set goals, enter tournaments, track progress. Learn more…


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