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Our cutting edge technology puts you in control. Your students’ data flows right to your fingertips. See progress reports on your smartphone or computer. To review our privacy policy and get started, download the app and tap, “I’m a Teacher.” Whether you want Words & Monsters for just one class or for an entire school district, we will get you started as quickly as possible with a minimum of fuss.


Who is WAM for?

Words & Monsters is ideal for both second-language learners and native speakers! WAM rapidly improves: listening, reading, speaking, and writing abilities. WAM strengthens and expands the foundation levels of cognition that support all higher level thinking.


Select Courses and Set Study Goals

Set weekly study goals and select special purpose courses. It’s so easy to use it’s practically foolproof. You don’t even need to login because we send you weekly summary reports by email. To make it even easier, let us manage the class set ups for you. Relax, the monster is on the job!


Track Progress

It’s easy to check progress with the weekly emails but if you want to do more, just log in to your WAM Admin account. WAM Admin is separate from the Words & Monsters game. Open the WAM Admin website and login with your email address and password. With WAM Admin you can see detailed scores, print quizzes, create teams, join tournaments, and claim rewards.


Tournaments, Recognition and Rewards

Make a team of top students and watch them rise quickly on the leaderboard. Research shows that study teams achieve 130% higher academic outcomes than students working alone. Team leaders earn blue diamonds that can be exchanged for heroic merchandise. Reward your best players. Heck, go ahead and reward yourself too!


Natural Flow Learning

The research and science behind WAML, the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn English. Learn more…


Start Your Adventure!

Download Words & Monsters and tap “I’m a Teacher.”