Natural Flow Learning

Natural Flow Learning is a synthesis of Lexxica’s patented knowledge acquisition system and positive psychology. Our company’s founders are top educators with deep understanding of semantics, item difficulty analysis, adaptive game science, and educational psychology.


Natural Motivation

Natural motivation occurs when external experiences cause you to take positive action (Dobbin, 2012). Educational psychologists recommend using game rewards to promote positive actions (Howard-Jones & Jay, 2016). Research suggests that team-based cooperative learning can increase overall academic achievement (Slavin, 1980). WAM is designed to harness the full potential of natural motivation.


Flow State

Flow is when the mind is so attracted to something that it loses track of time (Csikszentimihalyi, 1990). WAM promotes Flow by managing the ratio of unknown words so that the learner’s focus remains within a channel below anxiety and above boredom. WAM’s ability to manage the ratio of unknown words is a practical embodiment of Krashen’s i+1 comprehensible input hypothesis (1985).


Absolute Lexical Ability

The patented VCheck test assesses vocabulary ability through a series of CAT-IRT questions designed to identify which specific words are known and which words are not known. The game then prepares a personally tailored vocabulary list for each learner and it teaches them the most frequently occurring unknown words first (Browne & Culligan, 2012). Learn more…


Paired-Associates and Spaced Repetition

Words & Monsters uses paired-associate tasks and spaced repetition to efficiently transfer new knowledge into long-term memory. This direct study approach is a highly effective way to acquire automatic recall for new vocabulary (Hulstijin, 1992; Elgort, 2011; McLean & Hogg, 2013). Learn more…


Supported by Research

Many students at all levels of ability have used our technology to improve their English comprehension and score higher on standard tests. Independent research at schools and universities has shown increased average scores on TOEIC, EIKEN and TOEFL. Learners score higher because they learn more of the words that occur most frequently on the test. Learn more…


Uncertain Rewards

Educational psychologists report that uncertain rewards increase emotional attachment and create pleasurable and memorable experiences (Howard-Jones & Jay, 2016). Uncertain rewards are understood to trigger more dopamine than certain and unexpected rewards. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter most associated with emotional attachment and long-term memory. (Fiorillo, Tobler, & Schultz, 2003). WAM is designed to boost emotional attachment and long-term memory by maximizing uncertain rewards in both the game mechanics and the vocabulary tasks.


Specific Praise and Cooperative Learning

Research suggests that specific praise for academic achievements can enhance motivation. WAM’s automatic achievement notifications make giving timely specific praise easy to do. Learn more…

When students work together as a team, average outcomes can increase by 50% or more compared to working alone. As one teacher put it, “Team competition transforms self study into a group effort where students pull together and motivate each other.”


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