WAM Admin

Students’ progress data flows right to your fingertips. Download the app and tap, “I’m a Teacher.” Whether you use Words & Monsters with one classroom or an entire school district, WAM Admin gets you started quickly with a minimum of fuss.


Who is WAM for?

Words & Monsters is for any English language learner who will benefit by acquiring more high-frequency vocabulary. WAM directly improves: vocabulary, listening, and reading, and WAM indirectly supports improved speaking ability. High-frequency vocabulary, listening ability, and reading ability are the foundation of effective communication.


Set Study Goals and Select Courses

With WAM Admin you can set study goals for your groups and recommend special-purpose courses. It’s easy to do and practically foolproof.  WAM Admin automatically sends you weekly progress reports and individual student achievement notifications.


Vocabulary Size and Test Scores

Each student’s VCheck vocabulary size report becomes available after about 20 minutes of play. The VCheck score shows how many words are known and maps vocabulary size to scores on: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, EIKEN, SAT, GRE and more. Learn more…


Monitor Progress

It’s easy to monitor learner progress with the emails you’ll automatically receive however, with your WAM Admin account you can also see the latest rankings, send messages to your groups, create personalized PDF tests, request progress reports, collect blue diamonds, and more.

How to Use WAM Admin


Motivate Your Students

Research suggests that specific praise for academic achievements can enhance motivation. The achievement notifications you’ll receive make giving timely specific praise easy to do. Learn more…

Research suggests that study teams outperform independent learners by 50% or more. Your top-ranked teams can earn blue diamonds that can be exchanged for WAM merchandise. Have some fun with it!

Blue Diamond Exchange


Natural Flow Learning

The research and science behind WAM. Learn more…


Start Your Adventure!

Download Words & Monsters and tap “I’m a Teacher.”